AirVM is the premiere provider of cloud management software for virtualized data centres. We build software that makes it simple for cloud providers, channel partners and end customers to buy, manage, customize, brand and bill for their cloud services. We are a growing company with an office in Ottawa and a development team in Saint John. As a flat organization, the team works together as a single unit in a dynamic environment where adaptability is the mantra.  We all do whatever it takes!

We are seeking a Senior PHP Software Developer to join our team in building and re-architecting our software solutions. The new architecture being undertaken as a micro-services implementation will involve the use of cutting edge technologies including Docker, Kubernetes, Swarm, high availability cloud services and geographically distributed data stores.

What are we trying to find?

Senior PHP Software Developer

Compensation: commensurate with experience

We are looking for someone that:

  • Has a minimum of 5 years experience developing hardened products specifically in a LAMP environment
  • demonstrates knowledge of virtualization technologies
  • is proficient in open source technologies including Linux, PHP, MYSQL
  • is comfortable in a DevOps environment
  • has a passion and zeal for new technologies particularly in cloud environments

This is what we can’t live without

Our new hire must possess the following:

  • an appetite for the start-up environment.  Chaos is never far away
  • ability to work well in a team environment consisting largely of propeller heads
  • able to work with remote teams
  • excellent writing skills and a passion for not just coding, but architecting and communicating

If you’re interested, email your resume to us at referencing “Senior PHP Software Developer”